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We are always in search of Lead, Supporting and Background Actors & Actresses. When we begin accepting auditions for any of our films below, a form with the ability to upload your head shot and resume will appear.


The leader of a band of hardened criminals is seduced by the tormented daughter of a murdered army captain. Sacrificing everything, they team up to retrieve the only piece of evidence left exposing the shocking truth about a government cover-up


HEAD OF SECURITY (supporting): Male, Athletic, 40-60

BARTENDER  (supporting): Male, 40-50

DR. TEDDY  (supporting): Male, 60-70

FBI DIRECTOR (supporting): Female, 40-50

CLUB RAT (supporting): Male, 22-30

MANAGER (supporting): Female, 25-35

PAWN SHOP OWNER (supporting): Male, 40-60

LANDLORD (supporting): Male, 50-60

INTERN  (extra):  23-30

BACKGROUND COPS  (extras): 25-60

CLUB CROWD (extras): 25-40

OFFICE EMPLOYEE (extra): 25-40

NEWS REPORTER (extra): 30-40

FBI AGENTS (extra): 35-50

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